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Monthly Economic and Financial Development Report

03 Jul

MEFD May 2006

During the month of May, economic activity in the domestic sector continued to be stimulated by robust tourism sector investment, domestic construction activity and firming in consumer demand. In addition, improvements in stopover visitors, combined...

30 May

MEFD April 2006

During the month of April, domestic economic developments were sustained by continued strengthening in real estate investments and private sector demand. While the latest tourism data indicate a fall off in tourist arrivals during the first two month...

04 May

MEFD March 2006

The economy continued its expansion in March, buttressed by ongoing investments in the tourism sector and further accretions to private sector demand, as evidenced by the firming in mortgages, consumer credit and imports.

04 Apr

MEFD February 2006

Preliminary evidence suggests that economic growth was sustained in February, underpinned by ongoing construction activity and firming consumer demand as evidenced by growth in commercial banks' mortgage and consumer loan portfolios.

03 Mar

MEFD January 2006

Indications are that the Bahamian economy continued to register growth in January 2006, supported by tourism and real estate investments and private sector demand.

31 Jan

MEFD December 2005

The Bahamian economy's expansionary trend was sustained during December, underpinned by heightened construction activity and ongoing firming in private sector demand. Initial data suggests that tourist arrivals declined marginally over the January to...

03 Jan

MEFD November 2005

Initial data suggests that economic activity during November was buttressed by continued robust construction activity and heightened consumer demand. For the year through September, tourist arrivals moderated as the sector continues to recover from t...

29 Nov

MEFD October 2005

Domestic economic developments for the month of October highlighted continued expansion in the construction sector, alongside robust growth in private sector demand as evidenced by increased mortgage and consumer lending. Indications are that the slo...

03 Nov

MEFD September 2005

Preliminary outlook for the month of September indicate that brisk residential construction investments provided a significant contribution to domestic economic activity, as preliminary indications suggest less buoyant tourism output due largely to t...

05 Oct

MEFD August 2005

Preliminary indications are that economic conditions remained favourable during the first eight months of the year, fueled by robust private sector credit demand, which supported domestic expenditures, particularly for residential construction activi...

29 Aug

MEFD July 2005

Prospects for the Bahamian economy for the second half of 2005 and 2006 remain generally favourable, reinforced by foreign investment inflows in tourism-related projects and construction for both the domestic residential and the foreign second homes...

02 Aug

MEFD: June 2005

Monthly Economic and Financial Developments for the month of June 2005.

04 Jul

MEFD: May 2005

Preliminary data for the first five months of 2005 indicate that the Bahamian economy continued to strengthen, underpinned by intensifying foreign investments which more than compensated for abated tourism receipts. Meanwhile, accelerated credit expa...

30 May

MEFD: April 2005

Monthly Economic and Financial Developments for the month of April 2005.

02 May

MEFD: March 2005

Monthly Economic and Financial Developments for the month of March 2005.