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Monthly Economic and Financial Development Report

07 Jul

MEFD May 2008

During May, domestic economic conditions remained mild, amid comparatively lower levels of construction activity, relatively steadied gains in private sector credit and persistent upward pressure in consumer prices. Given slackened real sector activi...

13 Jun

MEFD June 2008

Preliminary indicators for the month of June suggest a mild pace of economic growth, amid relatively moderate levels of foreign investment led construction activity, stable consumer spending and weakened tourism activity. Over the first six months of...

12 Jun

MEFD April 2008

Initial data for the month of April indicated continued moderation in output growth, amid weakened construction activity and softness in consumer spending, although first quarter tourism indicators registered gains over the previous year.

02 May

MEFD March 2008

Preliminary indicators for the month of March suggested a continuation of a mild economic outturn, supported by relatively stable growth in consumer spending and net tourism inflows; and, as anticipated, with less contribution from foreign investment...

18 Apr

MEFD February 2008

Preliminary data for the month of February highlighted steady gains in consumer spending, which continued to support economic activity and together with elevated import payments for fuel, tempered growth of both external reserves and liquidity.

11 Mar

MEFD January 2008

Based on preliminary data for the first month of 2008, economic activity continued to be supported by a healthy level of private sector demand, although other real sector indicators suggest some levelling off in net foreign currency inflows. As a con...

14 Feb

MEFD December 2007

Initial data for the month of December suggest a slowing in the pace of economic activity, as signs of weakness in the tourism and construction sectors offset growth in consumer demand. Monetary developments featured an expansion in external reserves...

31 Dec

MEFD November 2007

Partial indications suggest a moderate rate of economic expansion during the month of November, amid signs of an improving tourism outturn and stable construction activity. In the monetary sector, liquidity levels were comparatively more buoyant, whe...

06 Dec

MEFD October 2007

Preliminary data for October suggests that the Bahamian economy continued on a positive growth path, despite moderated contributions from foreign investment and tourism. Monetary developments featured seasonal increases in demand for foreign currency...

14 Nov

MEFD September 2007

Indications are that the expansion in the Bahamian economy moderated somewhat during September, amid a leveling off in foreign investment inflow and tourism activity. Strengthened seasonal demand for foreign currency also contributed to a fall-off in...

05 Oct

MEFD August 2007

Preliminary data suggests that the domestic economy continued to expand but at a more subdued pace in August, in comparison to the previous year, based on a levelling off in foreign investment activities, softened tourism flows and a slower pace of g...

06 Sep

MEFD July 2007

Initial data for the month of July suggests some moderation in the pace of domestic economic growth, amid softened tourism performance and private sector investments, while the seasonal increase in demand for foreign currency led to a reduction in ex...

03 Aug


Preliminary data indicate that the expansion in the Bahamian economy was sustained during the month of June, buoyed by demand stimulus from private sector credit expansion and healthy foreign investment inflows, which countered softening in tourism a...

04 Jul

MEFD May 2007

Preliminary evidence suggests steadied economic growth during the month of May, buoyed by ongoing construction activity on tourism-related investments, relative to moderated tourism inflows and subdued firming in domestic demand. In this environment,...

04 Jun

MEFD April 2007

Initial data for the month of April suggests that the growth momentum continued to be sustained by strong residential and commercial construction activity. Increased foreign investment inflows, primarily associated with the funding of ongoing tourism...