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Monthly Economic and Financial Development Report

06 Nov

MEFD September 2009

Although the global economy showed sustained signs of "bottoming out" during the review month, domestic economic conditions continued to be negatively impacted by the worsening of key economic indicators in several major markets.

05 Oct

MEFD August 2009

Despite a short-term boost to the tourism sector, provided by the hosting of an international event during the review month, indications are that the effects of the worldwide economic recession continued to subdue domestic economic activity. Price de...

04 Sep

MEFD July 2009

Domestic economic conditions remained challenging over the review month, amid sustained softening in key global consumer demand indicators. The consequential weakness in the local tourism sector, combined with recessed levels of foreign investment-re...

07 Aug

MEFD June 2009

Despite modest signs that the global economic recession had started to stabilize during the review month, weakness in the major countries continued to feed through to the domestic economy. Consequently, activity in the tourism sector remained anaemic...

02 Jul

MEFD: May 2009

During the month of May, the global recession continued to negatively affect domestic economic developments. Available data on tourism activity revealed sustained weakness in the sector, owing to depressed demand conditions in the major markets; whil...

02 Jun

MEFD: April 2009

During the month of April, the domestic economy continued to be adversely affected by the global economic recession. In particular, lower occupancy levels and declining hotel room rates constrained output in the tourism sector, while reduced foreign...

04 May

MEFD: March 2009

Preliminary data revealed that the global economic recession continued to adversely affect domestic economic activity during March, with persistent weakness in tourism and foreign investment-related construction activity. Demand stimulus from private...

01 Apr

MEFD February 2009

The fallout from the global financial crisis continued to impact the Bahamian economy during the review month, contributing to persistent weakness in tourism and foreign investments. Meanwhile, inflation remained at elevated levels during the review...

03 Mar

MEFD January 2009

Initial data suggests that domestic economic activity remained weak during January, owing to the deepening effects of the global economic and financial crisis. The continued slowdown in tourism resulted in further job losses in the hotel industry, wh...

02 Feb

MEFD December 2008

During December, domestic economic developments continued to be adversely affected by the slump in global economic activity. Additional layoffs in the hotel sector pointed to significantly reduced seasonal activity and weakness in the short-tem outlo...

02 Jan

MEFD November 2008

Indications are that domestic economic activity continued to weaken during November, amid the deepening effects of the global economic meltdown. The outlook for tourism remained weak, hampered by uncertainty in US households' finances; and the foreig...

02 Dec

MEFD October 2008

Domestic economic conditions continued to weaken during the month of October, as the negative effects of the turmoil in the global financial sector became more entrenched in real sector activity. Anecdotal evidence suggest a pronounced seasonal fallo...

06 Nov

MEFD September 2008

Global economic and financial conditions deteriorated rapidly during September, as the US financial crisis enveloped both developed and emerging markets. These developments have adversely affected the domestic economic outlook, with further softening...

01 Oct

MEFD August 2008

Initial data for August highlighted continued moderation in the economic momentum, reflecting a slowdown in the expansion of consumer demand, tempered construction activity and sustained weakness in the tourism sector. Buoyed by a contraction in priv...

09 Sep

MEFD July 2008

During the month of July,softness in consumer spending and construction investments continued to restrain economic output growth, amid an environment of increasing price pressures. Money and credit trends featured stable though buoyant liquidity cond...