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Exchange Rate

The Central Bank’s buying and selling rates for U.S. dollars from/to commercial banks are US$1.00 = B$1.00 and US$1.00 = B$1.0025, respectively, and at par for cash transactions. Foreign exchange rates for the quotation of Pound Sterling are obtained each business day from the international market at 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and at other appropriate intervals, depending on the dollar value of transactions and market volatility. For Pound Sterling sales, the Central Bank maintained the policy of adding a commission of 0.5% to the mid-rate.

The daily foreign exchange spot rates for several currencies against the Bahamian dollar are shown in the right hand column.

To see the latest detailed daily foreign exchange spot rates, for currencies in the North American and Caribbean region, against European and other currencies, select the link below. The information will open in a separate window. When you are done viewing the rates, close the window to return to the Central Bank's website.

Exchange Rates Daily Spot Foreign Exchange Rates

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