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Preparing for the BGCSE - Part 2

Studying for Essay Questions

Going through the same list of concepts, and using your resource material, identify the subject areas in which an essay type answer would be most appropriate. Having done that, in note, or “bullet” form, try to establish a general framework for each subject area, identifying key points and other factors that you may have concentrated on in class. Ensure that you order the points in a way that reflects a general progression of ideas, and use this as a template for your review of each point/factor. Attempt similar questions from your resource material, and when you’re done, ask your teacher to evaluate your work and where necessary, to help you where you may have confused concepts or perhaps left off key information.

Group Study

If you find that you’re able to strengthen your skills even more through group study, then you want to be certain of at least three things:

  1. Everyone in the Group is serious about study and not simply looking for an opportunity to ‘hang out’;
  2. It’s treated as a discussion group whereby each person freely asks questions about things they may be unsure of, and by the same token, explains the things that they are strong on for others who may be having difficulties; and
  3. That you do not make the mistake of thinking that you don’t have to prepare for group study. To ensure that you and other persons in the group get the most out of it, do some review first, and come to the group with the objectives of reinforcing your strengths and resolving your weaknesses, and helping other group participants to do the same.

General Study Notes 

An important tip for a subject area that poses difficulties for many students: depicting the demand-supply relationship graphically, and knowing the significance of movements along the curve versus actual shifts in the curve itself. Remember that if only the price of the good and nothing else has changed, then the resulting event would be a movement along the curve. If, however, one of the determinants has changed, i.e. something other than price, that causes the consumer(supplier) to alter how much of a particular good he/she is willing to purchase(sell) at a given price, then the whole curve shifts.

As your studies progress and you’re able to check off items on your list, make very brief notes at each stage, mainly of key words and short statements that would serve as a quick reference guide as exam time draws near. If you’ve managed your study time well, then the night before the exam, you should only need to read over your “quick reference guide” notes. More importantly, in the hours just before the examination, don’t panic or stress yourself out with the things you think you don’t know. At all costs, avoid things likely to make you any more nervous than you already are. Try to relax, concentrate on things you’re happy with, and focus on doing your best.

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