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Gervez Hamilton

"Real Sector Industries Impact on the Financial Economy"
Analyzing how the real sector industries affect the financial economy of The Bahamas


In the Bahamas, primary or real sector industries drive the economy. The productive sector has an enormous impact for output for the economy. Nevertheless, there have been industries that have once been prominent and contributed but have since disappeared.

The Bahamas is known for tourism; however construction, agriculture, fisheries and other real sector industries that have all been key capital generators for the country and are heavily relied upon for our nation’s growth. These industries influence our country’s operations on a daily basis and affects our economy and the financial sector as a result.

This paper will explore three real sector businesses previously operating in tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and fisheries, how these businesses developed and flourished: and contributed significantly to the overall economy. In time they each collapsed, and the paper will look at the downfall of these industries, the reasons behind their downfall, and the ways the economy has reacted to their collapse. This research will consist of comparisons and evaluations to determine and prove statistical facts regarding these industries and the parts that they play in influencing the way that our economy works.

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