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Monthly Economic and Financial Development Report

02 Nov

MEFD September 2011

Despite signs of a modest slowdown in global growth, key domestic indicators suggest a continuation of the positive, although mild and narrow, recovery momentum over the review month.

05 Oct

MEFD August 2011

Economic developments for the month of August took place within the context of less positive performance indicators for the United States economy and the domestic disruptions, although limited, caused by Hurricane Irene in the latter half of the mont...

30 Aug

MEFD July 2011

Preliminary indications are that the momentum of the recovery in the domestic economy was sustained during July. Anecdotal evidence on tourism sector performance suggests an improved outturn, after a relatively slow start to the year.

05 Aug

MEFD June 2011

Supported by the sustained”although still uneven and fragile”recovery in the global economy, domestic economic conditions continued to improve over the review month. The momentum benefitted from a modest firming in tourism output, gains in foreign in...

06 Jul

MEFD May 2011

Domestic economic conditions maintained a positive momentum over the review period, supported by steady gains in tourism output, foreign investments in tourism related construction activity and public sector capital projects.

31 May

MEFD April 2011

Supported by the ongoing recovery in the global economy, domestic economic conditions maintained a stable to improving trend over the review month. Indications are that positive developments in the key group business contributed to steady gains in to...

11 May

MEFD March 2011

The domestic economy continued to exhibit stable trends over the review month, supported in part by both foreign-investment and public sector-related construction activity.

11 Apr

MEFD February 2011

Domestic economic conditions remained relatively stable over February, although there were some signs of softness in the key tourism sector, with construction sector activity supported by Government's infrastructure works and several tourism-related...

11 Mar

MEFD January 2011

Aided by the sustained, although uneven, improvement in the global economy, the domestic market continued on its recovery path, with moderate gains in the tourism sector and stable construction activity.

02 Feb

MEFD December 2010

Domestic economic conditions maintained a stable path during the month of December, amid the slow recovery in the global economy, which supported modest improvement in the main tourism sector.

22 Dec

MEFD November 2010

The domestic economy maintained a stable path during the review period, amid modest improvement in tourism activity and relatively subdued construction sector investments and private sector demand.

07 Dec

MEFD October 2010

Amid the fragile and uneven pace of recovery in the global economy, domestic economic activity continued to stabilise over the review month. Tourism output improved modestly, reflecting gains in the key stopover segment of the market; while public se...

08 Nov

MEFD September 2010

Preliminary data suggests a continuation of generally subdued economic conditions, with tourism performance, which is normally weak during September, registering some improvement in comparison to the year earlier period.

06 Oct

MEFD August 2010

Against the backdrop of a fragile recovery in the global economy, domestic economic activity remained sluggish during the month of August. Tourism output showed a modest upturn, supported by a rebound in the high value-added air segment of the market...

31 Aug

MEFD July 2010

Domestic economic activity remained relatively subdued over the review month, as continued signs of stabilisation in tourism activity--although still significantly below pre-crisis levels”occurred alongside broad-based weakness in domestic demand.