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Monthly Economic and Financial Development Report

09 Aug

MEFD June 2010

Preliminary indicators suggest ongoing weakness in economic output, although conditions have stabilized since the onset of the recent economic crisis, in the context of the global recovery.

02 Jul

MEFD May 2010

Preliminary evidence suggests that the domestic market continued to stabilise in May, aided by the ongoing, though still fragile, recovery in the global economy. Tourism output showed an improving trend, buoyed by gains in the key stopover segment of...

07 Jun

MEFD April 2010

Against the backdrop of signs of a slowdown in the pace of the global recovery, domestic economic activity continued to stabilize over the review month.

07 May

MEFD March 2010

The domestic economy showed signs of stabilisation in March, as the pace of the global recovery gathered momentum. Tourism output, while still below pre-crisis levels, recorded modest gains in the key stopover business, although other key real sector...

08 Apr

MEFD February 2010

Amid the incipient global recovery underway, domestic economic indicators showed tentative signs of stabilisation during February. Initial tourism sector statistics suggested a slightly positive outcome for the key stopover segment of the market, fol...

08 Mar

MEFD January 2010

In January, domestic economic activity continued to be adversely impacted by still fragile conditions in the global economy, although a more positive picture is emerging. Anaemic private sector demand, constrained prospects for any near-term improvem...

10 Feb

MEFD December 2009

Amid signs of a nascent recovery underway in the global economy, key industry trends suggest some stabilizing in tourism output during December; however the softness in construction activity persisted and consumer demand tapered from its traditional...

23 Dec

MEFD November 2009

Although recent indicators point to a modest acceleration in the recovery of global output, preliminary data suggests that domestic economic activity remained weak during November, given the downturn in tourism performance, persistent sluggishness in...

03 Dec

MEFD October 2009

Despite signs of a modest pickup in the pace of the global recovery, domestic economic conditions remained relatively subdued during October, reflecting anemic consumer spending and sustained weakness in tourism output and foreign investment led cons...

06 Nov

MEFD September 2009

Although the global economy showed sustained signs of "bottoming out" during the review month, domestic economic conditions continued to be negatively impacted by the worsening of key economic indicators in several major markets.

05 Oct

MEFD August 2009

Despite a short-term boost to the tourism sector, provided by the hosting of an international event during the review month, indications are that the effects of the worldwide economic recession continued to subdue domestic economic activity. Price de...

04 Sep

MEFD July 2009

Domestic economic conditions remained challenging over the review month, amid sustained softening in key global consumer demand indicators. The consequential weakness in the local tourism sector, combined with recessed levels of foreign investment-re...

07 Aug

MEFD June 2009

Despite modest signs that the global economic recession had started to stabilize during the review month, weakness in the major countries continued to feed through to the domestic economy. Consequently, activity in the tourism sector remained anaemic...

02 Jul

MEFD: May 2009

During the month of May, the global recession continued to negatively affect domestic economic developments. Available data on tourism activity revealed sustained weakness in the sector, owing to depressed demand conditions in the major markets; whil...

02 Jun

MEFD: April 2009

During the month of April, the domestic economy continued to be adversely affected by the global economic recession. In particular, lower occupancy levels and declining hotel room rates constrained output in the tourism sector, while reduced foreign...