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Press Release: The Central Bank Announces the 2022 Financial Literacy Video Essay Competition for Students

Published: Friday October 7th, 2022

The Central Bank Announces the 2022 Financial Literacy Video Essay Competition for Students


The Central Bank of The Bahamas is pleased to announce the start of the 2022 Financial Literacy Video Essay Competition. This is the third year that the competition is being held. For the first time it will extend to local college or university level students enrolled in The Bahamas; in addition to the previous year’s eligibility for primary and secondary school students.

The competition, continues to be promoted under the get Money Smart Bahamas branding. It is open for entries through November 18, 2022.

Local students in the categories of Primary, Junior High, Senior High, and College are invited to produce a three to five minute video essay on a financial literacy related topic. The theme for 2022 is as follows:


“Are Foreign Exchange Controls Still Relevant for The Bahamas?”


Students are encouraged to research and organize their topic before recording their views. Unless at the college level they must also must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before uploading a copy of their video to the competition website.



Local student(s) currently enrolled in primary, junior or senior high-school, university/college undergraduates.

  • Primary School: Grades 4-6
  • Junior High School: Grades 7-9
  • Senior High School: Grades 10 – 12
  • UB and locally enrolled undergraduates: Up to Bachelor’s Degree


Submission Guidelines:

  • The videos must be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes, not including introductory information or ending credits.
  • The essay should be read or presented on camera by the contestants.
  • School-aged students are encouraged to wear their uniform for the video recording.
  • The video should display introductory information to identify in writing the names of the contestant, school or college attended, and grade level or study major.
  • The video should conclude with credits that list all sources cited or used in the presentation.
  • Videos must not contain any age inappropriate content: images, offensive language, attire or political messaging.
  • Entries must be uploaded to the competition website. Ideally, uploads should be in MP4 or MOV format, filmed in landscaped mode, with a high definitions (HD) resolution of 720p or 1080p.
  • The submission link is: The first time that a contestant connects to the website, they will be asked to create username and password. Contestants from 2021 may be able to recover their old usernames and passwords.





Grades 4-6


Grades 7-9

Senior High

Grades 10-12



First Prize (1)





Semi-finalists (up to 3)





Honorable mentions (up to 4)