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New Resident Exemption

Published: Wednesday November 11th, 2020

New Resident Exemption


i. a copy of the relevant pages of the applicant’s passport;

ii. a copy of the applicant’s Permanent Resident Certificate (with no restrictions on employment
in The Bahamas) or Certificate of Naturalization, issued by the Bahamas Immigration

LOCAL ASSETS: confirmation of the asset(s) type

Local Foreign Currency Bank Accounts: a copy of the most recent bank statement or a copy of a letter
from the applicant’s bank to verify the existence of the account

Bahamian Securities: a copy of the certified share register of the company in which the shares are held
or copies of the relevant share certificates in the applicant’s favour;

Insurance Policies and Annuities: a copy of the relevant policy documents

Local Real Estate: a copy of the VAT stamped conveyance and a copy of the Bahamas Investments
Board Permit/Certificate of Registration in the applicant’s favour

FOREIGN COMMITMENTS: confirmation of the nature, remaining duration and annual value of the

Familial Support: appropriate documentation to confirm relationship

Insurance and Annuities: a copy of the relevant policy documents

Loans: a copy of the executed loan agreement along with evidence of the applicant’s drawdown of the

Property Maintenance: a copy of the property’s title document in the applicant’s favour