Launch of Survey of Private Pension/Provident Funds (2004)

Published Tuesday May 10th, 2005

The Central Bank is once more requesting the assistance of pension managers and sponsors in updating the survey on domestic pension plans in The Bahamas. This survey continues to provide useful information on supplementary retirement savings in the private and quasi-public sectors. The latest results, for 2002/03, indicate that the value of these assets continued to increase, surpassing $800 million.

The Bank is currently collecting information on the evolution of plans during 2004, and is appealing to plan sponsors and managers to participate, by submitting a completed copy of the Survey Form to the Research Department by June 30th, 2005. Companies that specialize in constituting and managing subscriber based plans for individuals or groups are invited to submit consolidated information on these products.

The Central Bank assures pension sponsors and managers that any information provided will be treated confidentially. Only consolidated results will be published.

Questions or comments regarding this exercise, can be directed to Ms. Jamell R. Bodie, Senior Research Assistant, Research Department, at 302-9891 (email: [email protected]).

Please use the links below to download a copy of the Survey Forms and Compilation Notes (in either excel or PDF format). A link is also provided to a copy of the report on the Survey results for 2002/03 (PensionSurvey02_03).

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