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Launch of Survey of Economic Activity for the First Half, 2005

Published: Thursday June 30th, 2005

The Central Bank of The Bahamas is pleased to announce the continuance of the Survey on Economic Activity (SEA).

This time the Bank is soliciting views from private enterprises on the state of their operations and their outlook assessments, against what has transpired in the first half of 2005. An important inclusion in the current survey is a section on business readiness for the Hurricane Season.

Going forward, it is the Bank's intention to carryout the survey on a half-year basis. For the most part the Survey requests qualitative responses to questions and should not require much time to complete. The Bank expects to be able to publish the outcome of the survey by the beginning of September 2005.

Private businesses are invited to participate in this exercise by completing a copy of the survey form which can be downloaded through the link below. The survey should be returned to the Central Bank by July 29, 2005. Survey paricipants are encouraged to send their responses by email to [email protected]. Alternatively, these may be faxed to the Manager, Research Department at 1 242 356-4324.

The Bank assures businesses that any information provided will be treated confidentially and only published in a consoldated fashion.

Recently, the Bank successfully concluded the first Survey of Economic Activity pertaining to the fourth quarter of 2004. The results, which for the most part portrayed the private sector outlook in a positive light, were published on the Bank's website in May 2005.