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Balance of Payments (BOP) Statistics

Published: Thursday September 1st, 2005

The balance of payments (BOP) statistics covers transactions that pertain to residents (of the Bahamas) and their activities with non-residents (the rest of the world). A double entry method of accounting is employed to record transactions, where it is that every inflow (receipt) is matched by a corresponding outflow (payment).

This report is compiled by the Central Bank of the Bahamas on a quarterly basis, in conjunction with the guidelines included in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ""Balance of Payments Manual"" (""BPM5""). The report is compiled using data collected from quarterly surveys, exchange control records, and other government agencies on current payments, income and capital flows and budgetary accounts. The report is published in Bahamian Dollars (B$) millions.

The main components of the BOP are as follows: The Current Account which comprises: Goods Services Income

The Capital and Financial Account which comprises: Migrants Transfers Direct Investment Other Investment (inclusive of portfolio investment)

Financing which comprises: Changes in Reserve Assets Changes in Reserve Position with the Fund Changes in SDR holdings

For detailed information regarding the structure and breakdown, please refer to the Quarterly Statistical Digest and the Quarterly Economic Review.
Copies of the required surveyÕs are attached for the convenience of companies complying with the Bank's request. Please note that the reports are to be submitted 15 working days after the end of the quarter to which the data pertains.

Thank you for you cooperation.