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The Central Bank Urges Vigilance against attempts at banking fraud using spoofed Email Addresses

Published: Thursday September 29th, 2016

The Central Bank advises its licensees and the public to use extreme caution when receiving emails or other communications, with instructions to make payment or transfer of funds of behalf of their purported clients. Emails of this nature have circulated, pretending to be from the Central Bank and in some cases from the public corporations. These originate from fake addresses. 

Businesses and the banking public should always rely on independent means to verify the authenticity of the communications received, through secure internal controls and processes that they have in place.

Valid email addresses from the Central Bank end in the format of “”. This test alone is not a guarantee of legitimacy. Businesses should also consult with their IT support personnel and with their respective clients through secure, independent channels.

Persons receiving suspicious or fake emails should immediately report them to the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the Central Bank or their financial institutions.