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The Central Bank to Release a New Bahamas $100 Banknote

Published: Wednesday September 29th, 2021
Amended: Thursday October 7th, 2021

The Central Bank to Release a New Bahamas $100 Banknote

The Central Bank of The Bahamas will release its new $100 banknote on 6th October, 2021, completing the phased-in approach of the CRISP Evolution family of Bahamian banknotes that began in 2016 with the introduction of its CRISP Evolution $10 banknote.

Under its strategy to issue modern and secure banknotes, the Central Bank continues to combine advanced design perspectives with industry-first innovations to create culturally relevant banknotes. On this occasion, another national hero—the late Arthur Dion Hanna, former Governor General, former Deputy Prime Minister, and a former Minister of Finance of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas—has been added to the Bahamian banknote landscape.

The new $100 bill remains true to the cultural posture of Bahamian banknotes, while incorporating easily identifiable security enhancements to help promote continued public confidence in banknotes. Like the CRISP Evolution $50, this note is printed on Landqart’s Durasafe® substrate.  It also includes Crane’s MOTION® Surface technology, making it one of the most secure banknotes produced by the Central Bank to date.  The most noticeable change to this note is its predominantly brown colour with shades of red and yellow. The bill maintains the same dimensions as existing banknotes. The front bears a portrait of the late Arthur Dion Hanna and an image of a partially open Royal Poinciana flower in the centre, while the back introduces a redesigned likeness of a blue marlin surrounded by marine life.  The design-to-issuance process for this banknote took almost four years to bring to completion. 

To aid with public education, on 6th October, 2021, the Central Bank will add this note to its banknote app, ‘CBB Banknote MAP’, which showcases security features of all CRISP Evolution banknotes. The app may be used to assist with the authentication of genuine Bahamian banknotes.

For additional information on the CRISP Evolution family of banknotes, please visit the Central Bank’s website at and visit the Google Play and Apple App stores to download the Central Bank’s app, ‘CBB Banknote MAP’.


29th September, 2021

Governor’s Remarks for the Launch of the CRISP Evolution $100 Banknote