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The Central Bank of The Bahamas' 26th Annual Art Competition and Exhibition

Published: Tuesday August 25th, 2009


The Annual Competition and Exhibition has been split from its 25 year format of hanging both High School and Open Categories in one exhibition to two separate exhibitions. As of 2009 The Central Bank of the Bahamas will hold the Open Category component of the competition in October and the High School Category component will remain on the exhibition schedule for the month of November. The High School Category will remain in its present format with much of the same Guidelines as in previous years. The major change will be: • The implementation of an additional award for applicants fourteen years and under. The Open Category component of the Competition will be altered significantly to accommodate the changing artistic landscape in The Bahamas. The major changes to The Open Category will be: • The Open Category will be permanently moved to the month of October. • It will be open to the entire professional visual art community (artists that are not in secondary school and over 18 years old). • The present multiple awards will be condensed to a single $7,000 cash prize winner simply called The Central Bank Award. • Work for this new Open Category would be submitted under a theme, which will change annually (the theme for the following year would be announced with each competition’s winner) and will provide a major criteria for judging. Although the structure of this new Open Category will remain a competition in a formal sense, it is The Central Bank’s hope that the $7,000 cash prize would be viewed as direct funding for future art projects with hopes to encourage artists to develop their art. With this in mind the winner of The Central Bank Award will be invited to exhibit at the CBOB Art Gallery for a solo exhibition at their discretion.

Please see the revised applications and guidelines at or contact the gallery curator at [email protected] for further information.

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To download the application forms, please click on the link below.