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The Bahamas Government: Capital Market Development Policy Statement

Published: Monday September 5th, 2005

The Government of The Bahamas released its Capital market policy, which is being posted on the Central Bank's website for public information.

The preamble to the policy reads as follows:

The Government of The Bahamas is desirous of pursuing the development of the Bahamian economy, to the benefit to all citizens and Residents of The Bahamas.

The Government of The Bahamas believes that well-established, efficient capital markets are essential to the pursuance of sound, broad based economic development.

The Government of The Bahamas is desirous of pursuing the growth and development of domestic capital markets to better position the economy to compete in an increasingly open and competitive global environment.

The Government of The Bahamas recognizes that if The Bahamas' economy is to be vibrant and sustainable, there would need to be available to all users of finance, diverse sources of financing, and that this broadening of the availability of financing sources cannot be achieved without the existence of a fully functional securities exchange.

In pursuance of the above objectives, the Government hereby promulgates this capital market development policy statement, which confirms its intention, within the shortest possible time, to implement series of policy measures aimed at the development of The Bahamas capital markets.

To find out the series of policy measures to be taken, please click on the link below.