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Monthly Economic and Financial Developments, August 2004

Published: Monday October 4th, 2004

In an effort to provide the public with more frequent information on its economic surveillance activities, the Central Bank has decided to release monthly reports on economic and financial sector developments in The Bahamas.  The Bank monitors these conditions as part of its monetary policy mandate, to assess whether money and credit trends are sustainable relative to levels of external reserves required to protect the value of the Bahamian dollar and, if not, the degree to which credit policies ought to be adjusted.  The main data source for this surveillance is financial institutions' daily reports on foreign exchange transactions and weekly balance sheet statements.  Therefore, monthly approximations may not coincide with calendar estimates reported in the Central Bank's quarterly reports.  The Central Bank will release its "Monthly Economic and Financial Developments" report on the Monday following its monthly Monetary Policy Committee Meeting.

Future Release Dates:

2004: October 4th, October 29th,  December 6th

2005: January 3rd,  January 31st,  February 28th,  April 4th,  May 2nd, May 30th,  July 4th, August 2nd, August 29th,  October 3rd,  October 31st, November 28th