Supervised Financial Institutions ("SFI")/Applicants/Law and Accounting Firms

Published: Thursday December 13th, 2018

Current and prospective Supervised Financial Institutions (SFIs) of the Central Bank of The Bahamas ("the Central Bank") are often required to make applications to the Bank Supervision Department of the Central Bank. In keeping with the Central Bank's commitment to achieving greater efficiency in how we interface with SFIs and applicants, we compiled a comprehensive list of required documents (the External Stakeholder's Manual or "the document") for standard applications that require regulatory approval that was issued for consultation via Notice dated 13th September, 2018 to all SFIs and Law Firms.

We wish to thank all who provided feedback during the consultation period as all comments were useful in the development of the document. Your valuable input is appreciated.

We intend to further enhance the document particularly to include additional details regarding Credit Unions and the newly revised Fee Invoicing process, in the nearby future.

In the interim, we provide this document to you as a way to ensure completeness and accuracy in the administration of the applications. The document may be viewed by using the link: or on the Bank's website under:

Bank Supervision -> Regulatory Framework -> Guidelines and Regulations -> General Information -> External Stakeholder's Manual

Inspector of Banks and Trust Companies

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