36th Annual Art Competition and Exhibition, 2019 - Open Category

Published: Tuesday August 13th, 2019

36th Annual Open Category Competition & Exhibition

The Central Bank of The Baha mas is proud to announce the 36th Annual Open Category Competition and Exhibition to be held from Thursday, October 3 to November 1, 2019. The objectives of the competition are to identify, recognise, and encourage Bahamian visual artists.

Requirements for participation:
Participants must be citizens of The Bahamas, aged 18 (as of October 3, 2019) or older, and not registered in a secondary school.

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Each artist must submit one (1) work in one of the following media:

Painting • Sculpture • Drawing • Print • Photography • Collage • Film/Video • Digital Media
Submissions have to be accompanied by a brief portfolio (pdf).

The entries must meet the following requirements:
1. Each entry must be the authentic work of the participating artist.
2. Artists are encouraged to submit original works completed within the year.
3. Artists must demonstrate individualism, imagination in concept and in skillful use of materials.
4. Sculptures must be free-standing or mounted on appropriate bases.
5. Paintings and drawings must be properly presented, and may be framed, or the artist may choose to omit framing as a part of the creative process. However, some works, such as colour pencil art, must be framed so as to display in the gallery space. All two-dimension al works must have screw eyes and hanging wire installed when submitted.
6. All work must be appropriate for placement within the Gallery space. There are no restrictions in size. However, works deemed too large or cumbersome to install may not be accepted for exhibition. Works improperly prepared for display may be disqualified from thecompetition.

1. All exhibited artworks shall remain in the custody of the Bank for the entire period of the exhibition.
2. The winning entry will become the property of the Bank, as part of its permanent collection.
3. Although the Bank will take every precaution to ensure the safety of artworks on display, the Bank will not be responsible for loss or damage on its premises, except, at the discretion of the Bank, when suchloss or damage is evidenced as the direct result of a malicious act by the Bank.
4. Participants, therefore, enter this competition in agreement that the Central Bank of The Bahamas be allowed to display winning pieces in any forum, including, but not limited to, electronic media.
5. Artists must indicate whether they wish to sell their work, and to submit a suggested price.
6. Pricing of entries cannot exceed $7,500.
7. All sales by the Bank, on behalf of artists, will be considered binding.
8. All works must be collected within ten (10) days after the exhibition's end. Works not collected will become part of collection of the Central Bank of The Baha mas or disposed of.
9. All persons collecting works must present a photo ID and sign for the receipt of work (s).

Judging and Awards:
1. A panel of judges under former Central Bank curator Antonius Roberts will select the winning entry. The winning entry will receive an award of $7,500. Judges may select up to two honourable mentions from among the entries.
2. In addition, the winner will receive a solo exhibition at The Central Bank Art in 2020.
3. Qualities such as originality of expression, individualism, creative use of materials, and presentation are among some of the criteria considered. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry, where there is doubt as to authenticity.
4. All work submitted within the guidelines will be judged. Artists whose work are NOT accepted tobe included for exhibition will be notified after the jury selection and expected to collect their work within ten days of notification.
5. Winning entries will become the property of the Bank Participants, therefore, enter this competition in agreement that the Bank be allowed to display winningpieces in any forum, including, but not limited to, electronic media. All other entries may be offered for sale during the exhibition.

Application and entry submission:
1. Entry Forms are available at the Bank or its website (
2. We propose that all applications and proposals be emailed prior to the delivery of the entries. Emails should be sent to [email protected].
3. The deadline for submitting applications and entries to the Central Bank of The Bahamas is no later than Monday. September 23rd 2019. at 5:00 PM.
4. Late entries will NOT be accepted.
5. The Awards Presentation and Grand Opening Ceremony will take place on Thursday, October 3, 2019, at 6 pm. Invitations will follow.
6. In addition, a separate digital photograph for each entry should be submitted to the same email address. The digital image should be in JPG format, with the file names consisting of the full name of the artist followed by the title of the work and the date of submission.

Please note that the Central Bank of The Bahamas under the advisement of the curator, reserve the right to disqualify any submissions in violation of these guidelines or offensive in content

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