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Date Headline
08 May, 2018 Bahamas Credit Bureau Project – Central Bank Responses to Questions about the RFP
02 May, 2018 Governor John Rolle - Get Money Smart Bahamas
30 Apr, 2018 Central Bank of The Bahamas 2017 Annual Report
20 Apr, 2018 Central Bank Releases Summary Results From AML/CFT Survey of the Banking and Trust Sector
16 Apr, 2018 Guidance Notes on Managing Financial Crime Risk and Proliferation and Proliferation Financing
13 Apr, 2018 Bahamas Credit Bureau Project - Request for Proposals
02 Mar, 2018 Governor’s Remarks at the Blockchain Seminar: “Digital Currency - Extending the Payments System Modernisation Initiative”
23 Feb, 2018 Central Bank Clarifies Customer Due Diligence Requirements
22 Feb, 2018 Foreign Investment and Exchange Controls Remarks by John A. Rolle, Governor
19 Feb, 2018 Blockchain Technology Seminar

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