Controller of Exchange

  1. Are Bahamians permitted to open foreign currency accounts?
  2. Are Bahamians permitted to invest in financial securities abroad?
  3. What should I do if I wish to send funds to someone attending school outside of The Bahamas?
  4. As a non-resident am I permitted to enter into loan agreements denominated in Bahamian dollars?
  5. As a temporary resident in The Bahamas, would I be permitted to send funds to family etc. in my home country?
  6. Are there special provisions in respect of property transactions that involve non-residents?
  7. I am a Bahamian citizen who plans to take up residence outside of The Bahamas. Would foreign exchange restrictions still apply to me?
  8. How are external (foreign currency) reserves managed?
  9. How can we tell if external (foreign currency) reserves are 'too low'?
  10. How have external (foreign currency) reserves changed over the past few years?

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