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Foreign Currency Operating Accounts – Company

Published: Friday January 28th, 2022

i. applicant’s name and address;

ii. purpose for which the account is to be held;

iii. confirmation of the specific scope of the activities of the company and how the account will
facilitate such activities;

iv. confirmation of the source of funds to be credited to the account (i.e., revenue, contributed
surplus, shareholder loan, bank loan, non-bank loan, other: please specify);

v. expected type of payments to be made from the account;

vi. estimated monthly income and expenditure;

vii. expected monthly balance;

viii. bank and branch at which the account is to be held;

ix. date of designation by the Central Bank of The Bahamas (required for companies with nonBahamian shareholders)

x. nationality and Bahamas immigration status of the beneficial owners, with documentation (i.e.,
passport and Bahamas immigration document, if applicable);

xi. a copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation;

xii. a copy of the company’s current Business License/Certificate of Good Standing.