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Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Accounts

Published: Friday January 28th, 2022

i. applicant’s name and address;

ii. purpose for which the account is to be held;

iii. confirmation of the specific scope of the activities of the company and how the account will
facilitate such activities;

iv. confirmation of the source of funds to be credited to the account (i.e., contributed surplus,
shareholder loan, bank loan, non-bank loan, other: please specify);

v. expected type of payments to be made from the account;

vi. estimated monthly income and expenditure;

vii. expected monthly balance;

viii. bank and branch at which the account is to be held;

ix. nationality and Bahamas immigration status of the beneficial owners, with documentation (i.e.,
passport and Bahamas immigration document, if applicable);

x. a copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation;

xi. a copy of the company’s current Business License/Certificate of Good Standing.