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Share Transactions in a Resident Designated Company

Published: Friday January 28th, 2022

Share Transactions in a Resident Designated Company


i. a copy of the company’s certified share register;

ii. a copy of the Bahamas Investment Authority’s approval for non-Bahamian/non-Bahamian

owned entity to hold shares in a trading company operating in The Bahamas, if applicable;

iii. a copy of the relevant pages of the passport for each proposed shareholder;

iv. documentation to confirm the Bahamas immigration status, if any, for each proposed


v. confirmation of the number of shares (to be) issued/transferred to each proposed shareholder

(along with the name of the transferor and number of shares being transferred, if applicable);

vi. confirmation of the consideration (to be) paid for the issue/transfer of shares;

vii. a copy of the share purchase/transfer agreement;

viii. a copy of the Board Resolution authorizing the share issuance/transfer;

ix. confirmation of whether the share issue/transfer has already been executed;

x. for share issues or transfers executed without the prior approval of the Central Bank of The


                a. a copy of the relevant share certificates; and

                b. documentary evidence (i.e., wire transfer confirmation, bank account statements, etc.)

to confirm that the share purchase funds emanated from a foreign currency source and

were paid to the vendor; and

xi. a copy of other regulators’ approval/no objection, where applicable.