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Residents Investments in Foreign Currency Assets



Outward Direct Investments by Residents – Brief Overview


What are outward direct investments?

Outward direct investments (“ODIs”) are investments made by residents into the economies of countries other than The Bahamas that result in the acquisition by residents of foreign currency denominated assets (i.e. ownership in and/or legal control of foreign enterprises and/or the acquisition of real property, or other capital assets).

All ODIs by residents require the prior approval of the Exchange Control Department of the Central Bank of The Bahamas (“ECD” or “Central Bank”). Applications are considered in light of the probable impact the investments may have on The Bahamas’ balance of payments (i.e. business activities that promote the receipt of foreign currency, e.g. exports to countries outside The Bahamas and repatriation to The Bahamas of interest, dividends and profits, royalties, license fees, management fees and other payments for technical expertise, etc.).