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Prudential Limits and Restrictions

Pursuant to The Banks and Trust Companies Regulation Act, 2000, and The Central Bank of The Bahamas Act, 2000, the Central Bank of The Bahamas is responsible for the licensing, regulation and supervision of banks and trust companies operating in and from within The Bahamas. As such, all licensees are expected to adhere to the Central Bank's licensing and prudential requirements and ongoing supervisory programmes, including periodic onsite inspections, and required regulatory reporting.

For your convenience, key industry guidelines and regulations are listed below. The most recent documents are displayed first. To view detailed information about a document, click on the document title. To download a document, click on the appropriate icon in the "Files" column. Each icon represents a different type of file available for download.

  Document Title Date Issued Latest Date Amended Applicability
All Public Restricted
Banks Trust Banks Trust
Digital Assets Guidelines 2023-12-12 N/A
Guidelines for the Management of Capital and the Calculation of Capital Adequacy 2022-08-24 N/A
Guidelines for the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) 2016-08-02 N/A X
Guidelines on the Management of Market Risk 2012-12-03 N/A
Guidelines for the Management of Interest Rate Risk 2012-08-13 2012-12-01 X
Country Risk Management Guidelines 2006-04-11 2018-02-27 X
Guidelines for the Management of Liquidity Risk 2005-03-25 2012-04-20 X X
Large Exposures Guidelines 2005-03-25 2013-05-08 X
Guidelines for the Management of Credit Risk 2003-10-16 2022-12-06 X X