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The organizational structure of the Central Bank reflects the various tasks performed in fulfilment or its statutory mandate, and has evolved over the years-consistent with changes in operational priorities and the business environment. To a large extent, many of the early changes involved the elevation of sub-departmental operations into full departments.

The Bank's functions are carried out under five main sections and Departments, namely:

  • Banking
  • Bank Supervision
  • Currency
  • Exchange Control
  • Research and Policy

Operational support is provided by the following Departments/Units:

  • Corporate Strategy, Risk and Governance
  • Finance
  • Facilities Services

  • Human Resources

  • Information Security

  • Information Technology

  • Internal Audit

  • Legal

  • Security

Functional and support operations are also served through a number of committees, that provide input into the decision and administrative processes of the Central Bank. They include:

  • Monetary Policy Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Pension Administrative Committee
  • Insurance Committee
  • Recruitment, Selection & Appointment Committee
  • In-Service Awards Committee