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Authorized Agent Designation

Published: Wednesday November 11th, 2020

i. confirmation of the applicant’s name and address;

ii. confirmation of the applicant’s target clientele and services/products to be provided;

iii. confirmation of the applicant’s current Exchange Control status;

iv. confirmation of whether the applicant has been licensed as a trust company by the Bank
Supervision Department of the Central Bank of The Bahamas;

v. confirmation of whether the applicant has been licensed by the Securities Commission of The
Bahamas along with a copy of the current license, if applicable;

vi. a copy of a business plan detailing the services to be provided, target customers, formal
comments as to potential shifts or modification to the documented strategic plan to address the
proposed new line of business and indication of staff with requisite knowledge and experience
in Exchange Control Regulations;

vii. copies of the corporate resolutions for the proposed change in business;

viii. confirmation of the name and position of the individual that will manage the applicant’s
Authorized Agent business;

ix. documentary evidence to confirm that the person(s) who will manage Authorized Agent has
sufficient business knowledge, experience of Exchange Control Regulations and the ability to
operate Authorized Agent business.