Group of Financial Services Regulators Bahamas 2018 AML/CFT Report

Published: Friday February 8th, 2019

Group of Financial Services Regulators ("GFSR")

Bahamas 2018 AML/CFT Report The Central Bank of The Bahamas, in conjunction with the GFSR, is pleased to announce that it has released to its website, the publication of the first annual Bahamas 2018 AML/CFT Report.

The launch of the Report aims to amalgamate all the various AML/CFT work conducted during the year by regulatory bodies and public/private agencies, highlighting the increased inter-agency co-operation and industry participation within The Bahamas regarding financial crime risk management. The 2018 publication features reports from each of the GFSR agencies, articles and statistical data from the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Office of the Attorney General.

In the future, the Report will seek to include material from other public and private sector parties, and additional articles on matters of topical interest. Such articles are expected, over time, to grow into a useful time series of AML/CFT data and statistics from all relevant regulators, government agencies and professional organizations with a stake in the AML/CFT perception of The Bahamas. To access the Report, please visit the Central Bank's website at

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