T. Baswell Donaldson Memorial Prize Gives Honourable Mention for 2018

Published: Thursday July 12th, 2018

T. Baswell Donaldson

T. Baswell Donaldson

The Central Bank wishes to announce the results of this year’s T. Baswell Donaldson Research Competition. The independent panel of judges (the Assessment Committee) has recommended the award of an Honorable Mention, only, to Ms. Anthonique Hanna, of Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA, for her paper on “Debt Sustainability and Economic Growth: The Case of The Bahamas”.

The Central Bank received some eighteen research submissions for the T. Baswell Memorial Prize. This award is given if the Assessment Committee deems that an entry meets the academic rigor expected of university-level research, and the relevance criteria for the Bahamian economy as set out by the Central Bank. The Committee remarked that a number of the research papers showed considerable promise. However, none of the entries rose to the required standard that would merit the award of the ultimate prize.

The Central Bank encourages students to continue to improve their research techniques and methods, and to take full advantage of the support of faculty advisors and peers to refine their work. The Bank has begun to prepare for the 2019 T Baswell Donaldson Research Competition, and will expand its initiative to identify prize recipients.

The T. Baswell Memorial Prize and the accompanying Memorial Lecture are aimed at recognising Bahamian university students who produced outstanding research on topics of policy or other applied relevance to the Bahamian economy. The research must satisfy rigorous academic standards and focus on business, economics, finance, banking or other related subjects, of relevance to the Bahamian economy. The winner of the Prize is also invited to give a lecture on their research.

July 12, 2018

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