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Notes Processing System (NPS) RFP Notice

Published: Wednesday January 11th, 2023



Note Processing Systems (NPS) BID NOTICE

11th January, 2023


On 11th January, 2023, the Central Bank of The Bahamas released a request for proposal (RFP) for its Cash and Data Centre’s Note Processing Systems (NPS). Due to its highly sensitive nature, the RFP document will not be published to the Bank’s website.


The RFP details specifications for a highly automated note processing system, the process design for which is intended to be extremely efficient, with minimum human intervention. This increases cash processing accountability and decreases the risk of fraud. The scope of work includes layered technical capacity to support a high-availability NPS, integration with cash management systems, and an adaptable/flexible infrastructure to accommodate future cash processing needs.


As the NPS is a highly specialized system, two global vendors were invited to participate based on their experience with similar projects and recognized expertise and qualifications. Hence, Invitation to Bid Letters were issued to G+D Currency Technology and Cash Processing Solutions, which both underwent a stringent prequalification exercise and signed Non-Disclosure Agreements in order to participate.


The Central Bank will announce the successful bidder at the end of the process. The Central Bank’s Tenders Committee may be reached at [email protected].