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Published: Wednesday September 26th, 2018

Governor, John A. Rolle


To members of the Central Bank’s Board of Directors, Heads of the Clearing Banks and other Bank representatives, Family of the late Sir Milo Butler, other guests, and Management and Staff of the Central Bank, I extend to you all a very good afternoon.

Thank you for celebrating with us on this milestone occasion.

Over the years, the Central Bank has become known by its industry partners and peers as the small institution that pushes the envelope in terms of the design, innovation, and security of Bahamian banknotes. This recognition is a result of a creative strategy and forward thinking that has become characteristic of the Bank.

As early as 1993, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of The Bahamas’ Independence, the Government installed the image of our first Governor General, Sir Milo Butler on the $20 banknote. He was a Bahamian patriot, hero and political giant. This marked the first occasion on which such an honor was bestowed upon a Bahamian, and it was followed by the recognition of other notable national heroes in the years that followed.

Today, the Central Bank is pleased to unveil its latest banknote in the CRISP Evolution (CE) family, the CE $20 bill. This sleek and modern banknote is predominantly magenta in colour, with shades of pink, green, orange, blue, and yellow.

Embedded in this design is the rich history of a nation. Adorning the front is the image of a pirate ship floating in the background to the replica map of the islands of The Bahamas, flora and fauna, and the image of Sir Milo. On the back national landmarks are displayed.

The Central Bank’s commitment to remaining true to cultural identity while improving the aesthetics, security, and durability of Bahamian banknotes remains unwavering. A testament to this, as many of us would have noticed and commented on, is the robustness of the substrate used for the CRISP Evolution $1 bill, which has been in circulation for a year now.

To complement the release of this $20 banknote, and the online banknote training tool deployed last year, the Central Bank is also pleased to release its banknote app today.

Like the online training tool, the app includes a detailed tutorial on the key security features of the $20 banknote that could be used to assist members of the general public with identifying authentic Bahamian banknotes. This first iteration of the app, which may be downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores also includes tutorials on the recently released $1 and $10 denominations.

We invite you to stay tuned for the release of the $50 banknote in 2019. This banknote, which was considered by industry professionals as impossible to manufacture, is being produced with the help of our committed industry partners. New versions of the $1/2 and $3 banknotes are also slated for 2019.

I invite you to visit our website for more information on the CRISP Evolution $20 banknote and the Central Bank’s Banknote App at

At this time I would like to call a representative from the Butler family to come and accept this token (framed sheet of Bahamas $20 banknote).

I wish to once again recognize and thank all of our guests in attendance, and to the family of Sir Milo Butler for being present to celebrate with us this occasion.

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