Supervisor and Regulator of the Financial System

Can I file a complaint with the Central Bank regarding a bank or other financial institution?

Yes. Persons should submit complaints in writing, to the attention of The Manager of The Bank Supervision Department of the Central Bank of The Bahamas. The Bank does not act as arbitrator and does not have legal powers to settle disputes. It acts mainly as an intermediary between the complainant and the bank in question, and seeks to establish a factual account of the situation or issue that led to the complaint and to determine whether any violation of laws, regulations, policy, or guidelines has occurred.

If the matter compromises any of the aforementioned, or if the customer's rights have in any way been infringed upon, the Bank may, as determined necessary, seek to verify the deficiencies of that institution via its on-site inspection powers and address the situation in an appropriate manner. Regardless of the outcome of the mediation by the Bank, the complainant can also seek legal remedies through the courts.

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