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The Bank Supervision Department publishes on a quarterly basis, aggregate data on the size and structure of the banking system. Currently, the financial data is segmented across two broad categories i.e., ‘International Banks’ and ‘Commercial Banks’.

MEFD January 2019

Published Monday March 4th, 2019


Preliminary economic indicators suggest that the Bahamian economy maintained its modest growth pace during January 2019, reflecting gains in the tourism sector and ongoing foreign investment projects. The latest price developments through October 2019, continued to be dominated by the impact of the hike in the value added tax (VAT) rate, while increased tax receipts supported the decline in the Government's deficit during the first half of FY2018/2019. In monetary developments, both banking liquidity and external reserves expanded in January 2019, buoyed by net foreign currency inflows from tourism-related activity.

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Bank Supervision