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The Bank Supervision Department publishes on a quarterly basis, aggregate data on the size and structure of the banking system. Currently, the financial data is segmented across two broad categories i.e., ‘International Banks’ and ‘Commercial Banks’.

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  Document Title Date Issued Latest Date Amended Applicability
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PDF Document   Large Exposures Guidelines 2005-03-25 2013-05-08 X        
PDF Document   Guidelines for the Minimum Standards for Character and Financial Reference Letters 2004-09-18 n/a          
PDF Document   Model Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 2004-08-11 2010-11-10 X        
PDF Document   Minimum Standards for the Outsourcing of Material Functions 2004-05-04 2009-08-27 X        
PDF Document   Guidelines for the Management of Credit Risk 2003-10-16 n/a   X   X  
PDF Document   Procedures for Voluntary Liquidations and the Subsequent Revocation of a Banking or Trust Licence 2003-09-16 2004-05-24 X        
PDF Document   Guidelines on the Minimum Standards for Letters of Comfort and Parental Guarantees 2003-08-25 2012-04-20 X        
PDF Document   Guidelines for Assessing the Fitness and Propriety of Applicants for Regulated Functions 2003-08-15 2016-03-15 X        
PDF Document   Guidelines for the Minimum Physical Presence Requirements for Banks and Trust Companies Licensed in The Bahamas 2003-03-28 2014-04-15 X        
PDF Document   Guidelines for Managed Branches 2002-01-23 2012-03-22          

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