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Basel II and III Implementation Consultation Papers

Draft documents are circulated for industry-wide consultation and public review. All comments, queries and/or concerns are welcomed and should be submitted to the noted addressees. You are however cautioned to observe the stated deadlines.

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Comments on the Basel Consultation Papers

Published Thursday November 19th, 2015

Over the past year, the Central Bank has issued the following Basel related Consultation Papers:

  1. the Areas of National Discretion
  2. the Calculation of the Capital Charge for Operational Risk
  3. the Calculation of the Capital Charge for Credit Risk – Standardised Approach
  4. the Definition of Capital
  5. Minimum Disclosure Requirements

We received comments from a few licensees on these papers and are in the process of finalizing the documents. For information purposes, we have compiled a listing of the comments received, along with the Central Bank’s response to these comments. Please see the document below.

Bank Supervision