The Central Bank of The Bahamas’ Annual Art Competition and Exhibition

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Since 1984, the Central Bank stages an annual art competition and exhibition, through which it continues to uncover and showcase budding Bahamian talent in the visual arts. For many, this competition and exhibition has served as an introduction to the Bahamian art world, and the exposure received has been an invaluable first step in growing their gifts. Moreover, in staging this event, the Central Bank has enjoyed the distinct privilege of assisting young Bahamians in educational pursuits that have helped them to further develop their skills, and a number of them have gone on to very promising and successful professional careers in visual arts.

Past prize winners of these competitions include:

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2013 – High School Category
1st Prize: Alton Joseph , “Man Without a Country (the Haitian Shanty Town Fires: Mackey Yard) ”; 2nd Prize: Ebony Miller, “Political Dialogue 1”; 3rd Prize: Kenel Augustin, “New Slaves Movement 3”; Honourable Mention (3): Laurent Rolel, “Left”; Dylon Miles, “Musca Attacks Drunken Sailor”; Alley Pinder, “Magic of Color”; Governor’s Choice Award: Symone Hall, “Symone 3”; Best Young Artist: James Cleare; Scholarship Recipient: Manushka Joseph

2013 – Open Category
Winner: Jeffrey Meris – “Dis we Tea Party”

2012 – High School Category

1st Prize: Krystal Major, “I wonder how long dey gon’ sleep”; 2nd Prize: Kenel Augustin, “Cozy time family No. 1”; 3rd Prize: Alton Joseph, “Social Chain”; Honourable Mention (4): Manushka Joseph, “Bay Street Zeitgeist (Kelly’s Ship Yard Fire)”; Kerri Bascom, “Lost, Abused”; Cameron Johnson, “A Life of Loss”; Bobby Telusnord, “Elijah Obed”; Governor’s Choice Award: Junior Dameus, “Beautiful Sunset”; Best Young Artist (2): Candis-Amber Petty, “Indigo II”; Amora Knowles, “Split Tongue”; Scholarship Recipient: Krystal Major

2012 – Open Category

Winner: Jace McKinney – “Where is he going? Where has he been?”

2011 – High School Category
1st Prize: Kenel Augustin, Bain Town Riot; 2nd Prize: Bobby Telusnord, A Good Time; 3rd Prize: Maudeline Alcy, Fire in Mackey Yard; Honourable Mentions (3): Cameron Johnson, Annabelle’s Straw Shop; Krystal Major, Amos Ferguson; Daniel Morley, Twisted Fantasy; Governor’s Choice Award: Kirkwood Deal, Who are we?; Best Young Artist: Lex Fountain, Saxing with Sonny Rollins; Scholarship Recipient: Alton Joseph, Untitled

2011 – Open Category
Winner: Jackson Petit-Homme, Beautiful Monsters

2010 – High School Category
1st Prize: Jordanna Kelly, Sea Fantasy; 2nd Prize: Samuel Jennings, Iron Fist; 3rd Prize: Joseph Sweeting, Fruit Salad; Honourable Mention (3): Kerri Bascom, Kiko; Krystal Major, Nelson Mandella; Sophia Taylor, Marine Dancer; Governor’s Choice Award: Kerri Bascom, Reddish Egret; Best Young Artist: Nashante Hall; Scholarship Recipient: Krystal Major

2010 – Open Category
Winner: Omar Richardson, Lost Past in a Forgotten Future

2009 - High School Category
1st Prize: Anaard Lunn, Unknown Thoughts; 2nd Prize: Lanier Curtis, Mistreated II; 3rd Prize: Dexter Rahming, HomeWork; Honorable Mention (3): Cherell Williamson, Portrait; Veronica Dorsett, Dr. House; Cavall Watson, Dark Abyss; Governor's Choice Award: Dyah Neilson, Sail Away; Best Young Artist Award: Ashley Thompson; Scholarship Recipient: Dexter Rahming

2009 - Open Category
Winner: Lavar Munroe, I Bet You’re Wondering What Kind of Animal I Am

2008 - Open Category
1st Prize: Danielle Brown, Portrait of Kendal 1; 2nd Prize: Jackson Petit, Rock N’ Fly; 3rd Prize: Michael Simms, Old Time Market; Honorable Mention (3): Marie Jeanne Dupuch, Nest; Lemero Wight, Boom Boom Boom; Richardo Barrett, Old Time Market; Governor’s Choice Award: Charlton Strachan, The Bahamian Thing

2008 - High School Category
1st Prize: Pia Hepburn, Olden Days; 2nd Prize: Erinn Treco, Solidarity; 3rd Prize: Wildine Guillaume, Mistery 1; Honorable Mention (3): Adam Davis, Black Jesus; Lachell Fernander, Little Girl; Anthony Rolle, Crawfish 1; Scholarship Recipients: Preston Hanna, Walter Evans

2008 - 3D Open Category
Appreciation Award: Keisha Oliver, Mardia Powell, Deime Ubani, Honorable Mention: Genele Delancy

2007 - Open Category
1st Prize: Omar Richardson, Untitled Cuts; 2nd Prize: Edrin Symonette, Unitled; 3rd Prize: Damaso Gray, Gaged II; Honorable Mention (3): Keisha Oliver, Dockin’ At Nassau Marina; Lemero Wright, Musiq; Heide Pluntke, Hidden Letters “H”; Scholarship Recipient: Omar Richardson

2007 - High School Category
1st Prize: Anaard Lunn, New Woman Sleeping; 2nd Prize: David Edwards, Self Portrait; 3rd Prize: Cliffton Ewing, Hands of Time; Honorable Mention (4): Raymond McKenzie, Mystic Leaves; Armand Lunn, Fish in Sea Grass; Antony Rolle, Fish 1 (School of Grrounts); Adahlia Carter, Bob Marley; Scholarship Recipient: David Edwards

2006 - Open Category
1st Prize, Bernard Petit, Mother of Nature; 2nd Prize, Lavar Munroe, Free Yourself; 3rd Prize, Jackson Petit, Red Head; Honorable Mention (3): Lemero Wright, All Bubby Up; Erica Seymour, Tom Boy; Dandria Bethel Unattached; Scholarship Recipient: Jonathan Murray

2006 - High School Category
1st Prize, Julianna Smith, Hurricane Supplies; 2nd Prize, Anthony Woodside, My Nassau; 3rd Prize, Cynetra Cox, Contemplation; Honorable Mention (3): Nivana Clarke, Seagrape Leaves; Heidi Pluntke, Sea Shells; Blair Farrington, Cloud 9; Scholarship Recipient: Karrisa Evans; Julianna Smith;

2006 - 3 – D Open Category
1st Prize, Nikoan Johnson, Junkanoo Me; 2nd Prize, Ryan Turnquest, Bloom; 3rd Prize, Tina Maycock, Sting Ray;

2006 - Governor’s Choice Award
Erica Seymour, Peace of Mind, 1,000.00

2005 - Open Category
1st Prize, Lavar Munroe, Foot Prints; 2nd Prize, Lamaro Wright, Continuous; 3rd Prize, Elkino Dames, Beauty in my Eyes; Honorable Mention (3), Dandreia Bethel, Future; Damaso Gray, Deep Thought;Scholarship Recipient: Elkino Dames; Kisha Oliver

2005 - High School Category
1st Prize, Kristopher Glinton, Blue Maze; 2nd Prize, Kryzeo Hutchinson, Silver Top Plait; 3rd Prize, Karissa Evans, Aura; Honorable Mention (1), Gareeno Mackey, Old Town Nassau;Scholarship Recipient: Karrisa Evans

2005 - 3–D Open Category
1st Prize, Lavar Munroe, Shipwreck; 2nd Prize, Torinda A. Francis, Untitled 1;

2005 - Governor’s Choice Award
Abby Smith, Reflection of a Sinner;

2004 - Open Category
1st Prize, Kishan Munroe, Fruits of Moderation; 2nd Prize, Elkino Dames, Flower Girl; 3rd Prize, Lavar Munroe, Beautiful; Honorable Mention (3), Erica Seymour, Run Way; Damaso Gray, Condemned; Collison Ingraham, Double Dali;Scholarship RecipientErica Seymour; Lavar Munroe

2004 - High School Category
1st Prize, Wendy Rolle, Freedom; 2nd Prize, Nikoan Johnson, Spiritual Rhythm; 3rd Prize, Marvin Darville, Beach Scene;

2004 - 3–D Open Category
1st Prize, Tina Maycock, Untittled I

2004 - Governor’s Choice Award
Kishan Munroe

2003 - Open Category
1st Prize: Lavar Munroe, My Love, My Passion, My Art; 2nd Prize: Jackson Petit, Dat of Our Past; 3rd Prize: Shakila Stubbs, African Spirits Rejoice. Honourable mention went to Omar Richardson, Native Woman II; Carlington Evans, Ambris Tea Party; and Elkino Dames, Knowing a Black King. The scholarship recipients were, Shakila Stubbs and Lavar Munroe. Lavar received the scholarship that was awarded in special recognition of the event’s 20th year, and Ryan Turnquest won the Governor’s Choice Award, which was also presented in special honour of this anniversary milestone.

2003 - High School Category
1st Prize: D’andra Brown, Little Miracles Hibiscus; 2nd Prize Franklyn Dorsette, Serious; and Torinda Francis, Roots Where We Come From. Scholarships were awarded to each prize winner.

2003 - 3D Category
1st Prize: Jackson Petit, Cracked Head.

2002 - Open Category
1st Prize: Allen Wallace, My Name is Harmony; 2nd Prize: Keisha Oliver, Clarity and 3rd Prize: Lavar Munroe, From Da Market. Honorable Mention went to Dario McPhee, Junkanoo In the Beginning; Bernard Petit, Playing Favourites and Jackson Petit, Each Other. Scholarship recipients were Lavar Munroe and Keisha Oliver.

2002 - High School Category
1st Prize: Torinda Francis, Lurking Demons; 2nd Prize: Justin Fowler, Regatta and 3rd Prize: Aisha Carey, Committed. Honorable Mention went to Tina Maycock, Communion; Elton Curry, Untitled II, and Travis Fraser, 911.

2002 - 3-D Open Category
1st Prize: Tamara Russell, Two Born and 2nd Prize: Katrina Cartwright, In the Round.

2001 - Open Category
1st Prize: Johnathon Bethel, The Straw Market; 2nd Prize: Jackson Petit, Days of Bondage and 3rd Prize: Italia Williams, From a Distance. Honourable mention went to Lamaro Wright, Strange People; Danielle Brown, Flamboyant Floats and Latisha Knowles, Be Proud Bahamian. The Scholarship Recipient was Jackson Petit.

2001 - High School Category
1st Prize: Jessica Miller, Masquerade; 2nd Prize: Dontton Evans, Red Snapper and 3rd Prize: Ryan Turnquest, Changing Faces. Honourable mention went to Antoine Munnings, In Due Seasons and Dario Mcphee, Spring Lobster. Scholarship Recipients were: Ryan Turnquest and Dontton Evans.

2001 - 3-D Open Category
1st Prize: Tamara Russell, Under the Sea and 2nd Prize: Katrina Cartwright, Untitled.

2000 - Open Category
1st Prize: Rickeno Bullard, Queen's Stair Case; 2nd Prize: Christophe Thompson, Untitled Collage II and 3rd Prize: Italia Williams, Mother Earth. Honourable mention went to Tamara Russell, Floyd; Holston Bain, Ageless and Lamaro Wright, Disordely Conduct. The Scholarship Recipient was Garth Phillipi.

2000 - High School Category
1st Prize: Jackson Petit, Nature Intertwined; 2nd Prize: Lyode Smith, The Way we were and 3rd Prize: Durando Pinder, Into the Millennium. Honourable mention went to Jessica Miller, Bahamian Strength; Bernard Petit, The Mask and Donald Baptist, Sea Turtle. The Scholarship Recipient was Jackson Petit.

1999 - Open Category
1st Prize: Kishan Munroe, Prying Eyes; 2nd Prize: Tavares Strachan, Christopher Columbus and 3rd Prize: Holston Bain, Tranquility & Turbulence. Honourable mention went to David Hanna, Beautiful Predators; Neville Rolle, Coming Thru and Rembrandt Taylor, Third Eye. The Scholarship Recipient was Kishan Munroe.

1999 - High School Category
1st Prize: Jackson Petit, Nature Under The Sun; 2nd Prize: Bernard Petit, Reflections of Light and 3rd Prize: Durando Pinder, A Part of Home. Honourable mention went to Erika Knowles, Overturned Basket; Bridgette Strachan, Still Delights and Keith Phillips, Goings On. The Scholarship Recipient was Jackson Petit.

1998 - Open Category
1st Prize: Myriam Campbell, Independence Day; 2nd Prize: Hasheen Lockhart, Bone Fish Ahead and 3rd Prize: Holston Bain, Landscape. Honourable mention went to Trevor Tucker, Just Crusin and Blue Curry, Dollar Conch. Scholarship Recipients were: Myriam Campbell and Hasheen Lockhart.

1998 - High School Category
1st Prize: Nathaniel Higgs, Tile Plate; 2nd Prize: Thayer Wildgoose, Relentless and 3rd Prize: Johnathon Cartwright, Despair. Honourable mention went to Barbara Franks, Country House. Scholarship Recipients included: Bridget Flowers and Omar Richardson.

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