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What is a trust company?

The primary function of a trust company is to act as a trustee, fiduciary or agent for individuals or firms in a variety of capacities, such as administering trust funds (including their investment), executing wills, acting as custodian for property held in trust, etc. Trust companies designated resident can only deal with residents, and those designated non-resident deal only with non-resident clients. These licensees cannot accept deposits from clients, but they can hold monies in trust for clients to enable settlement of local expenses and fees.

  1. What is a trust company?
  2. What is an Authorised Dealer?
  3. What is an Authorised Agent ?
  4. How many banks and trust companies are there licensed to do business in The Bahamas?
  5. What is offshore banking business?
  6. Can I file a complaint with the Central Bank regarding a bank or other financial institution?
  7. I'm interested in establishing a bank/trust company in The Bahamas, how should I proceed?
  8. How many banks or trust companies have had their licences revoked since the implementation of new financial legislation and regulation on December 29, 2000?
  9. What legislative and regulatory changes facilitated the removal of The Bahamas from the 'blacklist' of non-cooperative countries and territories issued by the FATF?
  10. If I hold a client account with a bank or trust company whose license has been revoked, how do I get my money from that bank or retrieve my assets from the trust company?

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