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Jr. Professionals Summer Programme


The objectives of this programme are to:

  1. demonstrate to the community the Bank's commitment to provide job opportunities and assist with the development of the country's human resources;
  2. provide job skills training for upcoming professionals in financial services;
  3. broaden students' understanding of the Central Bank's function;
  4. provide an opportunity for programme participants to acquire an understanding of the interrelated operations of central banking;
  5. provide opportunities for final year university students to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops, to be kept abreast of current trends and challenges in financial services and to develop a supportive network for future reference;
  6. provide mentors who will assist students with their career development;
  7. enhance relationships between the Central Bank and the academic community;
  8. provide an opportunity for the Central Bank of The Bahamas to become the first employment choice for students;
  9. provide opportunities for students to apply concepts learnt and to refine their work ethics; and
  10. enhance student's interpersonal skills and help them to be better prepared for the demands of work.


To be eligible for JPSP, students must:

Programme Duration

The programme will run for eight weeks, commencing the first Monday in June.

Students will be assigned to the following departments:

Required Documents

Applicants will be required to submit:

Application Form

Download the Junior Professionals Summer Programme application form here