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Jr. Professionals Summer Programme


The programme will run for eight weeks, commencing the first Monday in June.

Students will be assigned to the following departments:


Applicants will be required to submit

Interested persons may obtain application forms from the Bank's website,


Committed to ensuring that potential financial services professionals are exposed to the best training and development opportunities, the Central Bank of The Bahamas is pleased to introduce its Junior Professionals Summer Programme (JPSP).

The Junior Professionals Summer Programme provides opportunities for Bahamian students entering their final year of college or university to participate in an intensive summer internship experience in various departments of the Bank. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the actual work of the department and also the privilege of being mentored by a professional of the Bank during their stay and during the completion of their final year of study. Participants will also benefit from seminars/presentations on the Bahamian banking/trust sectors, aspects of central banking, the role of the Bank in the Bahamian economy, work ethics, among others.


The objectives of this programme are to:

  1. demonstrate to the community the Bank's commitment to provide job opportunities and assist with the development of the country's human resources;
  2. provide job skills training for upcoming professionals in financial services;
  3. broaden students' understanding of the Central Bank's function;
  4. provide an opportunity for programme participants to acquire an understanding of the interrelated operations of central banking;
  5. provide opportunities for final year university students to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops, to be kept abreast of current trends and challenges in financial services and to develop a supportive network for future reference;
  6. provide mentors who will assist students with their career development;
  7. enhance relationships between the Central Bank and the academic community;
  8. provide an opportunity for the Central Bank of The Bahamas to become the first employment choice for students;
  9. provide opportunities for students to apply concepts learnt and to refine their work ethics; and
  10. enhance student's interpersonal skills and help them to be better prepared for the demands of work.


To be eligible for JPSP, students must:

Application Form

Download the Junior Professionals Summer Programme application form here