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Published Friday November 5th, 2010
Amended Tuesday December 4th, 2012

The Central Bank of the Bahamas (the Bank) has updated its official release of its Excel Reporting System (ERS) from Version 2.0 to Version 2.5 for the Authorised Dealers and Authorised Agents and Version 2.4 replaces Version 2.0 for the International Licensees. The latest revisions to the ERS is in the context of the Bank’s market risk framework, which now includes a suite of nine additional reporting forms in the ERS.

All public licensees with the exception of branches and pure trust companies are expected to report on their ‘Trading Book’. Those that meet the deminimus threshold will be required to complete as appropriate the suite of Market Risk forms.

The Guidance Notes for the Completion of the ERS, which serve as a companion tool to assist licensees in completing the ERS, has now been supplemented with a subsidiary Guidance Notes for the Completion of the Market Risk Reporting Forms.

“Authorised Dealers” and “Authorised Agents” should note that the revised ERS comprises the following suite of monthly and quarterly reporting forms (see table below). However, for International Licensees, all reports in the table below are to be reported quarterly, only. To further improve the synergies provided by this initiative, we encourage institutions, to the extent possible, to create links between the report forms and individual accounting systems.

Monthly Forms Quarterly Forms
Form 1-Statement of Liabilities Form 3A-Dormant Account Report
Form 2-Statement of Assets Form 3B-Analysis of Resident B$ Deposits
Form 2A-Statement of Other Assets and Liabilities Form 5B-Credit Card Report
Form 3-Analysis of Deposits by Depositors Form 7-Profit and Loss
Form 4-Analysis of Loans and Overdrafts Form 8-Analysis of Payments System
Form 5-Analysis of Consumer Credit Fiduciary Assets
Form 10-Interfinancial Transactions Memo Items
Statement of Capital Adequacy Maturity-Wise Analysis
Statement of Assets by Zone Interest Rate Sensitivity
Statement of Investments Investments by Currency Type
Statement of Market Loans/Depositors Trading Securities
Statement of Large Exposures Trigger Form
Summary of Non-Performing Assets and Provisions Interest Rate Risk - General
Sectoral Exposures Interest Rate Risk - Specific
Large Loan Arrears Foreign Exchange Risk
Large Exposures 2 Equity Risk
Commodities Risk
Interest Rate Options
Equity Forex Commodities Options
Market Risk Capital Charge

All Licensees should refer to the guidance notes for the submission protocols and other reporting instructions. Regarding submission, the completed ERS forms are to be emailed to [email protected] for "Authorised Dealers" and "Authorised Agents". The completed forms for submission of the ERS for "International Licensees" should be emailed to [email protected] All Licensees are required to submit the ERS forms by the prescribed deadline i.e., 15 business days after the end of the reporting period.

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