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Bennett-Williams, Sue

Sue sailed from Florida through the turquoise waters of the Bahamas thirty-two years ago. After falling in love with the natural beauty of the land and sea, she felt compelled to drop anchor and make the islands her permanent home.

The relaxed way of life, coupled with the calmness of the sea, has always been a starting point for creative expression in her work. Much of her inspiration also comes from her musician husband Tom and son Jason, who is an artist in his own right.

Sue has made a name for herself, most extensively, in the medium of watercolor. Her paintings sing with vibrant color and dramatic design not often associated with that area of art.

Pottery, while not being new to her, has been an exciting direction over the past two years that is pushing her to new limits. The sensual contours of native Bahamian fruits have influenced Sue's work and, as a result, a myriad of organic and provocative forms have emerged.

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