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Parotti, Lynn

Lynn Parotti was born in Nassau in 1968 where she lived until moving to New York at the age of sixteen. In 1990 she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from S. U. N. Y. Purchase, N.Y. followed by a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1993 from Virginia Commonwealth University. Since 1994 she has lived and worked in London.

Lynn is the recipient of a myriad of awards and scholarships in the UK, USA and in The Bahamas, including numerous Lyford Cay Scholarships and London Arts Board Grants. In the last two years, Lynn's interest in nature has extended itself to the fragility and ephemeral quality of life under the sea. Caverns, corals and fans are interwoven to create delicate montages. Like the organic process of the living shoal, these fragile organisms are painted meticulously and modified as many layers of translucent glazes are applied to describe the sea. Exaggerated perspective draws the viewer into the canvases to be lulled by the ever changing movement of the ocean. She paints from intuition, memory, photographs, and sketches to form a collage of the 'real' and the 'imagined'. Vivid colours burst out of these canvases in the invented world of thriving, yet fragile, life.

Her work featured on our site includes:

  1. Crevice with Sea Fans, a 51"" X 84"" Oil on Canvas
  2. Cownose Rays in the Shallows, a 50"" X 70"" Oil on Canvas
  3. Approaching Rose Island, a 36"" X 62"" Oil on Canvas

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